This is a page for the webMathematica-based software that I have developed for the Micropyros project. Software does not work online anymore but the webMathematica code is available.

The files to make benchmarks described at Micropyros Thruster are availabe in the archive thruster.tar.gz. The archives contains also the results of transient simulation made in ANSYS for all four benchmarks.

Micropyros Software

This is the software for the European project Micropyros.

A short background on modeling is available in E. B. Rudnyi, T. Bechtold, J. G. Korvink, C. Rossi, Solid Propellant Microthruster: Theory of Operation and Modelling Strategy, Nanotech'02, September 2002, AIAA paper 2002-5755.

Model order reduction to produce compact thermal models is powered by mor4ansys.

The application code is available under the GNU Public license: download.

Simulating electro-thermal ignition.
Estimating the film coefficient.
Simulating the heat transfer during sustained combustion.
Estimating the impulse and thrust under the ideal rocket theory.

For FilmCoef and Thrust there are buttons on a page as follows:

Computing results for given values of parameters.
Load parameters saved previously.
Save current parameters under a given ID with a given comment.

In the parameter field, you can enter a Mathematica expression, for example, 3.8*Exp[5.4], but it should be evaluatable to a numerical value or when it is specified to a function in a given variable.

A general form for a number is 1.23*10^-5 or 1.23*^-5.


The software developed is based on different technologies.

Computational Engines

Mathematica: An advanced environment perfectly suited to rapid prototyping in scientific computing.

ANSYS: A robust finite element computational engine.


W3C: The World Wide Web Consortium.

Apache: The Internet workhorse.

Gluing All Together The Java 2 Platform

Tomcat: The servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies.

J/Link: Java Toolkit for Mathematica.

webMathematica: Java Servlet for Mathematica.

Hardware and OS

We are working in the heterogeneous environment.

Sun: Servers and workstations under Solaris.

Apple: PCs and notebooks under Mac OS X.

SuSe: Linux for Intel-based PCs.


Evgenii B. Rudnyi
General design, Mathematica and webMathematica implementation
Tamara Bechtold
ANSYS scripts